Cover of Hitch, a YA historical novel by Jeanette Ingold, about a teen in the CCC, a 1930s Great Depression New Deal agency

Courage and Grit in Tough Times

Coming of Age in 1930s America


Homelessness and poverty. The CCC offered young people trapped in the Dust Bowl of the 1930s Great Depression a way out, though hard work on the land.

The three million youths who signed up for hitches in Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal Civilian Conservation Corps took on forestry, natural resources, wildlife, and national parks projects.  They built something good from the challenges that faced the United States in the early twentieth century.

For teenager Moss Trawnley,  a CCC hitch meant a job at a Montana camp and money to help his family.

And it meant self-esteem and self-reliance, friends, leadership, and a crash course in living with nature.



Join the Civilian Conservation Corps, move into barracks, meet the other enrollees, and get to work fixing a country that needs fixing. Or, if you sign up early, live in a tent while you help build your camp. Either way, it will be an adventure–and maybe a race in which you find yourself doing more than you ever thought you could.

“Compelling . . . A good read from a masterful storyteller.”
–School Library Journal

Historical Fiction at Its Best, Bringing the Past to Today’s Readers

  • Christopher Award – “Better to light one candle than to curse the darkness”
  • National Endowment for the Humanities/American Library Association We the People Bookshelf choice
  • Society of School Liberians International Best Book
  • New York Public Library Book for the Teen Age
  • Texas Tayshas book

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And meet Beatty there, every bit Moss’s match in courage and grit.

Civilian Conservation Corps Resources

CCC Legacy Center
Great CCC overview and much detailed information, including lists of CCC camps by state. Super photos, again organized by state.

CCC Legacy Center – Research
Good starting-place information for gathering what you’ll need when requesting National Archives individual records.

The Living New Deal
A multi-faceted program aimed at preserving the heritage of the New Deal, with research hosted the Department of Geography at the University of California, Berkeley. Site has a wealth of information about the wide range New Deal programs, as well as state lists of specific projects.

National Archives/National Personnel Records Center
Instructions for obtaining individual records for CCC enrollees. If your family history includes a CCC member, this is where to go to learn about his service.

West Virginia State CCC Museum Association
Good overview of CCC program nationally and in West Virginia, along with excellent pointers toward further reading and research