Mountain Solo

Backcountry or stage? Backpack or violin? How much risk is too much?

Trail vertical

“Frãulein?” the conductor whispered.

I nodded automatically. Yes, I am ready.

But I wasn’t.

From the corner of my eye, I saw his baton’s upbeat set a tempo and then swoop low . . . One more measure . . . there . . . Now!

I pulled my bow in a quick down-stroke and heard a discordant tone tear out raw and wrong.

That’s what I keep remembering. How once I’d played that note so badly, there was no way to get it back. And how that one mistake led to another and another . . .

For anyone fascinated by the power of music and its effects on individual(s) –School Library Journal

Tess’s passion and struggle for her music sing melody, harmony, and detail –Kirkus Reviews

Montana. New York. Only Tess can decide if she’s running toward what she loves or away from it.


  • Texas TAYSHAS book
  • Mark Twain Award Master List

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